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Disability Awareness Training


Through its training partner IDEA (Independent Disability Education Associates), reachAbility has developed a highly informative and effective educational tool in DAT (Disability Awareness Training). It is a live and interactive learning session for employees at all levels of businesses and community organizations. Click here for more info!


Disability Awareness Training can be customized to suit a specific client’s needs and is available across Canada. Professional facilitators guide the participants through every aspect of the training. It provides extensive information on the management of the issues surrounding accommodation and dignity of persons living with all types of disabilities, whether as employees, colleagues, or business clients. Make your workplace a truly inclusive, supportive, and dynamic place to work.

Disability Awareness Training provides the opportunity to learn how to become a more effective communicator and leader, with a faster response time to decisions and challenges. It helps increase the confidence and comfort levels, of employees and colleagues, when assisting persons living with disabilities in any capacity.

Participants complete the session feeling more knowledgeable and empowered in their role of full societal integration. It gives them a better understanding of, and respect for, persons living with disabilities, enabling them to recognize needs and respond effectively. It allows businesses and organizations to access the full range of potential candidates, thus enabling them to hire and retain the best person for the job.

Disability Awareness Training was developed by persons living with disabilities in consultation with educators and medical professors. It was designed for those clients who excel in an applied learning environment. Clients always receive a personalized session geared towards their work setting. Be recognized as an equitable employer or organization and book your Disability Awareness Training today!