Awareness Training


reachAbility aims to empower individuals and the community to develop their own fair, equitable and inclusive culture within their own lives, organizations, and spheres of influence. Spreading knowledge is the best way to achieve this goal – as such, we have utilized almost 20 years of expertise in the field of disability, barriers and inclusivity and deliver ENGAGING AND CREATIVE training modules for all types of businesses and organizations.

Our training is a unique and effective way for organizations and employers of all sizes and types to educate their staff in the areas of barriers, inclusivity, and best practices in the workplace.

All DAT modules can be customized for your business’s inclusion needs and delivered in a variety of methods including live presentation, webinars, corporate and e-training. Popular topics include but are not limited to : Mental Health in The Workplace, Disability and Diversity Awareness, Work-Life Balance, Hiring and Retaining Diverse Employees.

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Accessible by 2030

Nova scotia has set a goal to be accessible by 2030.  

Nova Scotia is only the third province in Canada to pass accessibility legislation! The Accessibility Act has started the process of removing barriers for persons with disabilities.

Under the act, government is working with persons with disabilities, and the public and private sectors to create six standards for an accessible Nova Scotia.

$8.5 billion

Is spent each year by employers and insurers for longterm disability claims related to mental illness.

$1.8 million

Did you know...

The Province of Nova Scotia invested $1.8 million in this year’s budget, to increase provincial ACCESS-Ability grants for community buildings and launch new grant programs for small businesses to become more accessible.