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The Gateway program cooperates with mainstream employers throughout Halifax Regional Municipality to provide youth the opportunity to gain valuable employment experience in their field of interest. If you take part, you can tap into your true potential as an employee and a member of your community.
You receive four weeks of skill training and workshops in self-awareness, self-confidence, employer expectations, interview skills, stress management around going to work, and much more. Following the four weeks of in-class training, you are then situated in a job placement for 20 weeks. During this period, you are paid to work and have the opportunity to gain employment experience.

Objectives of the Gateway program are to:

  • Address and respond to real barriers faced by youth
    • Provide participants with workshops that enhance transferable skills
    • Prepare participants for future work or education decisions
    • Ensure the community as a whole operates as a healthy, integrated entity
    • Ensure participation of citizens with disabilities in the community
    • Continue a history of excellence in supporting high-risk youth in fulfilling their employment dreams
    • Create a work plan
    • Help participants to learn teamwork skills.

Who is Eligible for the Gateway program?

Youth between the ages of 18 and 30 who are not eligible for Employment Insurance

Gateway Participant Quotes

“I met people with other disabilities which made me feel like there are others out there going through what I am.”

“I got to get a good insight on how the working world works.”

“The most useful part of Gateway was for me about seeing what it was like to work and make a lot of money.”

“Most useful part was evaluating my performance at work.”

“The updates on your work performance. Knowing this you can know what you need to work on if an area is negative and what to continue on with that is positive.”

“I can honestly say that this program and the staff have been tremendously helpful. I recommend this program 100%!” 

How Do I Get Involved?

If you are already associated with a case management agency, you can speak directly to your case manager about a referral to Gateway.

If you are not already case managed but wish to participate, please contact or call us at (902) 429-5878.

Specific accommodations are available on request.

Information For Employers

Clients are paid minimum wage, 30 hours a week for 20 weeks.

Wages are subsidized 100% by reachAbility for the first six weeks of the program.

For the remaining 14 weeks, wages are subsidized 50% by reachAbility and the employer contributes the other 50% up to the minimum wage amount.


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3845 Joseph Howe Drive
Suite 201 Halifax, NS
Telephone 902-429-5878
Toll Free 1-866-429-5878
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