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Community Outreach Initiative

A Community Outreach Initiative (COI) is a free, one-hour information session on a legal topic relevant to persons with disabilities. These talks give those with disabilities a unique opportunity to learn more about legal issues that matter to them, and to participate in a discussion on that topic with a legal expert.

Persons with disabilities often face unique challenges. They deserve a unique service to help level the playing field.

Past topics have included:

  • Navigating the Canada Pension Plan
  • Arranging powers of attorney
  • Understanding disability and employment
  • Understanding accommodation rights
  • Handling landlord and tenant issues
  • Writing a will

Additionally, if you are involved with an agency whose clients or community would benefit from information about the law, we can arrange a COI specifically designed for your clientele. If you supply the space, we will gladly supply one of our expert legal volunteers.

If you would like to attend or organize a COI, please contact our Legal Coordinator at (902) 429-5878 or

Here is what one client had to say about one of our COIs:

“The lawyer was very well prepared and gave a professional, yet understandable presentation…He answered people’s questions during and after the presentation.” 



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