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Training was fabulous – the panel was spectacular. What a great way to help manage or clarify misconceptions.

Very engaging. Very interesting to hear questions answered from speakers! Tova makes learning enjoyable. Good activities to keep everyone active.

Great stuff and very passionate about your work! Thank you!

Enjoyed the guests who shared their experiences & answered questions.

My favorite part was the surprise guest speakers and the energy that Tova exudes.

Loved the question and answer session – Loved it! Thank you for that!

Tova puts on a real good course

Very well covered

I look forward to work/life balance

Our mission is to create and support an inclusive culture in the workplace through education and employment for all.

For employers, we offer a wide range of Workplace Services dedicated to ensuring an inclusive community. We are committed to providing many services to the few – not a few services to the many.


Diversity Awareness Training

Our award-winning DAT (Diversity Awareness Training) gives you, as an employer, opportunities to gain recognition, build a foundation of respect, and expand your employment pool.

Employment Matchmaking

Employment Matchmaking is a great opportunity for you as an employer to engage with communities, represent your core values and gain recognition for your commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.


We offer consultations to all levels of public, private and non-profit sectors. We support you in building an inclusive workplace that represents your customer base.

Our free self-awareness and employment services have some of the highest success rates in the country.

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General Description:

Find our full list of available modules here

reachAbility aims to empower individuals and the community to develop their own fair, equitable and inclusive culture within their own lives, organizations, and spheres of influence. Spreading knowledge is the best way to achieve this goal – so we decided to hone our years of expertise in the field of disability, barriers and inclusivity and create ENGAGING AND CREATIVE training modules for all types of businesses and organizations. Our Inclusion Awareness Training is a unique and effective way for organizations and employers of all sizes and types to educate their staff in the areas of barriers, inclusivity, and best practices in the workplace.

Our Diversity Awareness Training (DAT) program comprises many different and separate training programs, which largely focus on:


Custom Workshop Training
  • Each program has been developed by people living with disabilities in consultation with educators and medical professionals. reachAbility wants our programs to be meaningful and unique for you – so any organization or business can choose one program or a bundle, and then customize it with us to fit your specific needs.
  • We also offer Inspirational Training, which is used to restore self-esteem and confidence in employees of all levels. Happy, more positive employees lead to better quality work and a more successful business, and we want to help you achieve this atmosphere in your workplace.
  • Our Diversity and Inspirational Training has been developed for those who learn best in live, interactive, hands-on environments. Interactive training ensures staff and management have the tools to promote a HAPPYHEALTHY, and INTEGRATED WORKPLACE. We would be happy to have one of our passionate and professional facilitators guide you and your staff through this training. However, if live learning is not workable for you, check out the E-Learning options we offer.

All our training is custom made to fit your organization’s needs.


The advantage of eLearning solutions!

At reachAbility we understand that live learning sessions are not always possible for all companies. To meet the need for flexible learning options, we have developed online e-learning versions of our courses through partnerships with leaders in the e-learning community. We have worked hard to ensure that our e-courses offer you the same content, learning objectives, and enthusiastic instruction that have made our instructor-led courses such a success. As always, we will tailor modules to meet your specific requirements. With an e-learning solution, you have the power to reach your audience anytime and anywhere.

In addition, our e-learning sessions allow you to:

  • Reach out to audiences with visual, engaging and dynamic courses
  • Reach them anytime, anywhere – at home, at the office, on the road, around the globe
  • Deliver learning consistently and conveniently
  • Avoid the hassles of classroom instruction. No need to coordinate schedules. No costly expenses. No room rentals. No problems.
  • Bring workplace reality to your learning sessions with workplace simulations.

To book a training event, please contact Katie Lewis, Executive Assistant, at

Corporate Videos

Who better to help you train your staff about inclusion and diversity than the experts? We offer high-quality customized corporate videos for all types of businesses and organizations. We handle the whole process, from creating concepts to editing your video. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for and approve the final version. It’s video creation with a conscience; you get a great video and you help support grassroots programming in your community.

To talk with us about a custom video, please contact Katie Lewis, Executive Assistant, at

Tips For Inclusion

For the last 15 years, reachAbility has worked towards ensuring that removing barriers, accommodating disability, and fostering inclusion in the workplace result in a positive experience for everyone. Our Inclusion Awareness Training program plays a big role in our efforts by teaching staff at all levels how to contribute to a healthy work environment.

Since not every business or organization is in a position to book our training programs, we can sometimes provide a complimentary training module. Although our complimentary module only scratches the surface, it is a good way to start learning about inclusivity in the workplace.
Here’s a list of five ways your business or organization can transform your workplace into a more positive and inclusive environment for people of all abilities:

  1. Learn the Proper Terms: A quick Google, dictionary, or encyclopaedia search can teach you the proper meaning of the terms disability, handicap and impairment. Knowing the difference when discussing barriers in the workplace will lead to a more comfortable and respectful conversation.
  2. Be Mindful of Invisible Disabilities:Not all barriers or disabilities are easy to see. For that reason, it is important to seek knowledge on invisible disabilities, and the misconceptions about them, which can often lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication in the workplace.
  3. Talk About It:Silence is often the worst barrier of all. For a healthy and safe workplace, it is important to ensure everyone is comfortable talking about disability, mental health, inclusion and accommodation in your workplace. You can achieve this by starting the conversation, having pamphlets available, encouraging an open-door policy, or circulating mindfulness tips or relevant blog posts via email.
  4. Accommodate:Consider your workplace. Is it accessible? Are training and schedules flexible? Can job duties be safely modified? These are the types of questions an employer needs to consider when committing to an accommodating and inclusive work environment.
  5. Inclusive Hiring and Retention:Ensure that your hiring process is inclusive by reaching out to all corners of your community for applicants. Also, be specific about what the job entails so that applicants can be certain about whether they can perform the required duties or confident that reasonable accommodation can be made. Ensure that your orientation, training, and scheduling are respectful and flexible (when possible) to ensure that your workplace is accommodating and positive for any person hired.

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To learn more information about our training modules, videos, or consultations, contact Katie Lewis at or 902-429-5878.

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Employment Matchmaking

General Description:

Employment Matchmaking is a great opportunity for you as an employer to engage with communities, represent your core values and gain recognition for your commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Your participation allows you to give something of value back to the community while gaining something even more valuable in return – a workplace culture that is healthy, positive and ahead of the curve.

In becoming an Employer Partner, you agree to support reachAbility’s work in finding well-suited employees for your organization. You must commit to an equal opportunity workplace and be willing to reasonably accommodate needs if necessary.

reachAbility provides continued support to both the employee and the employer throughout the entire process and well into successful employment.


We are delighted that you are interested in participating in our Employer Partner Program. Enrolling as an Employer Partner allows you to reach out to us at any time for employment support, such as suitable candidates for your employment needs, access to reachAbility services, and any additional supports we can provide to ensure a successful placement for you and our client. To get started, we need to learn more about you, your organization or business, and your employment needs. Please contact Brea Teasdale-Hindy directly at

Our Commitment

• To provide long-term, customized support to employers with every placement
• To provide suitable, ready-to-work clients and guarantee a good fit for both employee and employer
• To provide annual introductory Inclusion Training for two staff members of your choice at a group session at no cost
• To facilitate your Corporate Accommodation Policy developed by our own legal team in partnership with the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society and law firm McInnes Cooper
• To identify and assist with wage subsidy programs to help you undertake an employment agreement should the opportunity arise
• To provide professionally prepared display materials to celebrate your participation in the program
• To provide ongoing access to a suite of Inclusion Training and other related opportunities at member rates

Your Commitment

As an Employer Partner, your interest in building a strong, diverse workplace that includes people living with disabilities and barriers means that you share our vision of an inclusive, healthy community to which all people belong and contribute. We are confident your experience with our Employer Partner Program will be rewarding.

The Employer Partner Commitment

• Open, inclusive philosophy
• Adherence to principles of equality for all persons
• Willingness to adapt workplaces and provide reasonable accommodation for employees
• Open to new knowledge and learning
• Vision of a diverse workplace that represents the diverse customers and community you serve.


General Description:

We offer consultations to all levels of public, private and non-profit sectors. We support you in building an inclusive workplace that represents your customer base.

Like our programs, our consultations are developed and creatively customized to match your business strategy, language and core objectives. We offer consultations to help you:

  • Adapt your workplace and provide reasonable accommodation for employees
  • Develop an open, inclusive philosophy
  • Adhere to principles of equality for all persons
  • Create a vision of a diverse workplace that represents the diverse customers and community you serve

To book a consultation, please contact Katie Lewis, Executive Assistant, at


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