100% Pop-up Shop:
Social Enterprise


reachAbility’s 100% Store is a social enterprise that gives our clients an opportunity to gain transferable skills. With the support of reachAbility staff members experienced in retail management, clients gain skills to help them succeed in the customer service industry. Clients learn:

  • Basic cash-handling skills

  • Merchandising techniques

  • Suggestive selling

  • Product knowledge

  • Inventory management

In addition to on-the-job training, clients also help  produce the inventory. All clothing and tote bags are screen printed at reachAbility.

Why is the store called 100%? Because 100% of its profits go directly back into reachAbility, providing grassroots programs to strengthen our community.

Support a Local Social Enterprise

You can find reachAbility’s 100% Pop-up Shop at the following locations throughout the city in upcoming weeks:

No upcoming pop-ups scheduled. If you would like to book reachAbility’s 100% percent store for your event please contact [email protected]

Our Products

For more info or to make a purchase, contact [email protected]

We can mix and match designs and styles. If there is a design you like but want it on a hoodie instead of a t-shirt, don’t hesitate to reach out!