Confidence Continued!

20 Tips to Improve Self-Confidence

1. Observe a Role Model

  • Think about someone who is confident 
  • Act, talk and walk like him or her 
  • Model their mannerisms and behavior 
  • It works for them; it will work for you

2. Smile a lot more

  • Smile when you walk down the street
  • Smile when you meet people
  • Try to be happier even if you're feeling that way
  • Increase your positive behaviors; increase your positive feelings

3. Learn from the past; do not dwell on it  

  • You can't change the past
  • You can change your future 
  • Learn from the past so don't repeat it

4. Reward yourself with Kindness

  • Engage in one of your interests
  • Relaxation treatments 
  • A nice dinner 
  • A fun activity

5. Be Prepared

  • Be prepared for situations
  • Be prepared for challenges 
  • Be prepared for meetings, interviews and presentations 

6. Play to Your Strengths

  • Know your strengths 
  • Do the things you are good at on a regular basis 
  • If you accomplish things, you'll feel more confident 

7. Improve Your Weaknesses

  • Know and appreciate what these are 
  • Create an action plan to improve your weaknesses over time
  • Follow through on your action plan 

8. Learn how to Say "NO" to People

  • This is empowering and a necessart practice to feel confident 
  • Saying "no", when it is appropriate, will help you become more confident 
  • Say it without guilt or regret

9. Be Positive

  • Look on the "can do" side of things rather than the "can't do"
  • You've accomplished a lot in your life
  • You will accomplish a lot more in the future 

10. Be in Charge of what You do with Your Thoughts

  • Think positively and increase your self-confidence 
  • Try to realize the impact that your own thoughts do not have on your overall well-being

11. Challenge Negative Thinking
Whenever you feel a negative thought coming: 

  • STOP
  • ASK "Is this really important in the grand scheme of things?"

12. Do Not Let the Words of Others Affect You

  • Remember that no one can make you feel inferiors without your consent 
  • Don't give others that much power over you

13. Identify Your Negative Confidence Vocabulary Words

  • Use words that will decrease the emotion and increase positivism
  • The intensity of the words that you use trains your mind to believe those words 
  • Decreasing negative vocabulary will decrease negative feelings 

14. Recognize Your Daily Achievements and Successes

  • At the end of each day list your achievements and successes throughout that day
  • Accomplishment leads to self-confidence
  • Instead of dwelling on the little things that set us back that day, think about the tasks you accomplished 

15. Take Time to Appreciate What You Have

  • Be thankful for what you have
  • Be thankful that you are able to give love
  • Be thankful that you are loved 
  • Be thankful that you can help others 

16. Visualize Your Success

  • Think about what you know will happen today 
  • Picture how you will be successful in these situations 
  • If you think like someone who is successful, you will be successful

17. Improve Your Body Language

  • Talk, walk and act like you are confident
  • Put your shoulders back
  • Act as if you have somewhere very important to go, you are on a confident mission and nothing is going to stop you!

18. Emotion is Created by Motion

  • Move around 
  • Moving creates energy 
  • Moving around helps you feel better and more confident 

19. Learn to Speak Highly of Yourself

  • Talk about your achievements and successes
  • You should be proud of the things you achieve, make sure the people around you know about it!

20. You Only Live Once

  • If something is bothering you ask yourself "In 10 or 20 years time - will what I am worrying about right now really matter?" 
  • Your time is too valuable to waste it on worrying about things that really do not matter in the long run 

Ways to help gain confidence/evidence of self confidence:

  1. Break tasks into smaller units 
  2. Acknowledge your successes
  3. Identify sources of support AND managing toxic behavior 
  4. Accept compliments graciously 
  5. Don't try to please everyone