Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth: The Self-Confidence Triad

Self Confidence is how we feel about our specific abilities. It is our belief that we think our strengths and abilities are good enough to successfully complete a task or goal. We will re-calculate or re-assess our confidence for every situation. With high self-confidence, as discussed above, we feel assured that we can accomplish tasks, we are not affected negatively by failure or rejection, and we believe we can succeed when we push our boundaries and take risks.

Self-Esteem is how we feel about ourselves in light of other human beings. We consider their options and we measure ourselves according to the expectations of society as we understand them. It is often based comparisons with others, ourselves and other's expectations of ourselves. Self-Esteem is often thought of as how much we like ourselves as a person. With high self-esteem, we believe that we are doing well relative to our peers and feel as though we are respected and appreciated by others in our life. 

Self-Worth is our sense of satisfaction with our lives, self and existence. It is a measure of whether or not we are happy with our accomplishments, and satisfied with what we are currently doing with our lives, and what our present path implies for our future. It is reflective of whether or not we feel good about our life and whether we feel like our lives are meaningful. With high self-worth we will value, respect and love ourselves and our efforts.