Work Habits and Interests

Work habits are shown by your performance in previous jobs or learning situations.

Work habits are:

  • Shown by your behaviour

  • Seen by other people

Examples of work habits are:

  • Time Management (completing tasks on time)

  • Team Player (working well with others)

  • Taking Directions

  • Punctuality (being on time for work/meetings)

  • Independence (working well without supervision)

What are some examples of your work habits?

Employers are very interested in your past work habits. They feel that past work habits will be repeated if they hire you, so it's important to develop positive work habits. 


Interests are:

  • Activities you enjoy doing

  • Activities that give you a sense of satisfaction

Interests are things you chose to do, not things you have to do.

Interests can include:

  • Hobbies

  • Sports (soccer, football)

  • Recreational Activites (gaming, camping)

  • Social Activities (parties, events, festivals)


If you find a job that peaks your interest, you will be more motivated and enjoy your job.