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Little Bits: Photography Exhibit

  • RadStorm 2177 Gottingen Street Halifax, NS, B3K 3B5 Canada (map)

Hosted by RadStorm and The Magic Project

Join photographer Verónica Gutierrez and the Magic Project for the unveiling of Little Bits: a series of portraits of immigrants. An evening of music, food, and space to stop and consider what truly defines a person.

From Verónica: Little Bits

I grew up listening I was Venezuelan. Being from there was attached to my identity, to what Veronica was. Being Venezuelan came attached to a lot of stereotypes, then even more specific stereotypes attached to the city I was born in.

When I left Venezuela, I could recognize that everything I lived there made me different in some way to other people I met in new countries. I recognized as well, everything I was lacking and everything I didn’t like about it and embraced things from this new culture I was living in.

The more I traveled and after having the internet and reading about all the cultures and philosophies, more and more was changing in my conception of what Veronica was. My world was expanding. On the other hand, my identity was full of confusion.

Veronica is Venezuelan, but she likes Danish movies, Japanese cuisine and Icelandic music. So, is she really? What does it mean to BE Venezuelan? Or Mexican, or Iranian, or Rumanian?

This word games are not more than another way of divide us and classify us.

After reading a lot and experiencing these changes in my identity I realized the most obvious thing. Being Venezuelan just means I was born in this place. I am from there. Some of the experiences I lived there and how I processed them are part of what I am now. But what Veronica is, is way bigger than the geographical place she was born in.

We all need a community, but the only way we can embrace it and feel that we belong is when these communities represent what we are. Do we know ourselves enough to find them? Did we limit our being by putting it in a box with an identity we had to follow?

How many people feel like I did? How many others let their identity be defined by geography (gender, race, class, etc.)? Where is home?

We are all made of little bits. What we learn in my culture, my family, traveling, a friend of a friend, reading. The more bits we add to what we are, the more complex and big we become.

Why would we deny our opportunity to grow as much as we can from the inside?

*This project was made possible by the Radstorm Residency program, in sponsorship by Arts NS.

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