Tova Talk Transit - Part 1

The Times They Are a Changing!

No matter how hard I try to understand the intricacies of a strike, like the one we are experiencing with Metro Transit Workers, I fear I am both dazed and confused. 

My staff approached me again today to ask how we can help our clients with disabilities get to work or class or to the doctor’s office. I was compelled to take a closer look at an issue that frankly many of us assumed would be resolved by now. 


 With a municipal election on the horizon, it makes sense to anticipate more aggressive leadership from our Mayor and Council than we have seen so far. In these trying financial times where job security is a thing of the past for most of us, I anticipated the demands on both sides to be reasonable and based on crucial issues. After all, removing access to work, school and life from the majority of our community is a severe move demanding compelling reasons.

We know Transit workers have agreed to go to arbitration, certainly a positive step, only to discover Council has voted against going to these binding negotiations. Well we know who drives to work.

The facts are:

  • All citizens (not just the ones who can afford cars) have the right to attend school, work, etc.

  • All citizens (with & without union representation) have the right to a fair and equitable workplace that respects the individual

  • All workplaces must anticipate being affected by the economic realities that we live in and work together to address them


  • To the Mayor and Council, who look like they prefer saving money on transit costs over saving jobs, education and more: shame on you! 

  • To the members of the Amalgamated Transit Union, who have done things a certain way for 104 years and therefore feel justified in maintaining those ways: I am compelled to quote Bob Dylan “The times they are a changing” …so why can’t you keep up?


To both sides: let’s end this strike NOW! You have a moral obligation to do so, whether through arbitration or otherwise.

Enough is enough!