Tova Presenting at Emergent Learning 2013

Our CEO, Tova Sherman, will be presenting "The Truth About Mental Health in the Global Workplace Today" at Emergent Learning 2013: Confluence and Connectivity, "Atlantic Canada's leading conference on education." Her presentation is at 11 a.m., April 18, in room 303 of the World Trade & Convention Centre in Halifax.

Fact: More than 1 in 4 Canadians admit they are fearful of being around people who live with a mental illness.

Join nationally renowned disability trainer and host of television’s Inclusion Revolution, Tova Sherman for her no-nonsense presentation addressing the magnitude of the crisis Canada (and the world) is facing by underestimating, and ineffectively addressing, the realities of mental health in the workplace.

Fact: Workplaces require common sense coping strategies to ensure appropriate actions and reactions when addressing mental health among team members.

Drawing on extensive research and firsthand experience Tova Sherman will guide learners through an entertaining and dynamic 90 minute presentation committed to clarifying the state of the art in mental health research, realities and responses. This honest look at mental health in the workplace promises to share best practices for reversing the ongoing trend toward stigmatization of family, friends and co-workers living with mental health.

And here's a bit about Emergent Learning 2013:

With its signature mix of inspirational, informative, and practical content, Atlantic Canada's leading conference on education returns to challenge the way we think about education in the 21st Century.

Our evolving understanding of the human brain provides a poignant metaphor for the future of education symbolizing untapped potential, emergence and creativity. And just as nothing happens in isolation in the brain, so too in the world: Can we afford to consider issues such as social skills, media, bullying, gender, learning differences, mental health and criminal justice in isolation?

We can no longer educate based on what was, but must rise to the challenge to educate for a world that will be fundamentally different than the one we see today. While skills development continues to be critical, children will also need to be resourceful, mentally well, physically healthy, confident and creative. More than ever before, knowing oneself and one’s unique abilities will be essential. Self awareness and introspection inform an internal compass that says clearly, “this is who I am, and this is how I want to contribute to my world.” In short, we need to create introspective life-long learners.