Featured Employer for September 2013

Our featured Employer of Excellence for the month of September 2013 is Rector Colavecchia Roche Chartered Accountants! Thank you RCRCA for your participation in our groundbreaking program. Your interest in building a strong, diverse workplace that includes people with disabilities means that you share our vision of an inclusive, healthy community to which all people belong and contribute. RCR Jan Buslinks Group Photo

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About the Employer of Excellence program:

The Employer of Excellence program is a great opportunity for employers to engage communities, represent their core values and gain recognition for a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Your participation allows you to give something of value back to the community while gaining something even more valuable in return – a workplace culture that is healthy, positive and ahead of the curve.

Benefits of the Employer of Excellence Program

There are many benefits of the Employer of Excellence program. Here are the primary ones:

Training – Continual access to Disability Awareness Training – our nationally recognized IDEA Program.

Employees That Fit You —  We will provide you with a selection of suitable, ready to work clients. We guarantee a good fit for employee and employer.

Support – You will be provided with long-term, customized support with every placement. We will also facilitate the creation of your own Corporate Accommodation Policy, developed by our own legal team in partnership with the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society and law firm McInnes Cooper, as well as identify and assist with wage subsidy programs to help you undertake the employment agreement.

Enhance Your Image – Your commitment to workplace diversity at your company grows priceless learning opportunities for all staff and sends a strong signal to the community about your corporate ethics of accommodation, accessibility, acceptance and tolerance. Your company can vastly enhance its image with a new look, a new feel and even new ideas.

Publicity  – An Employer of Excellence will be featured each month on the high traffic reachAbility website, in our e-letter as Employer of the Month and profiled on our television show Inclusion Revolution. Your company logo will appear in reachAbility media and, you will receive a certificate formally recognizing your partnership in the Employer of Excellence Program.