reachAbility Participates in Dalhousie's Mental Wellness Day

IMG_68668 reachAbility participated in Dalhousie University's Mental Wellness Day this past Tuesday, February 11. Organized by the Dalhousie Mental Health Peer Support Initiative, the day aimed to educate students and the public on mental health, hoping to reduce stigma.

The mission of the Peer Support Mental Health Group is to foster well-being at Dalhousie University through a community of mental health allies who provide peer-support services, raise awareness about mental health on campus, and stand against the stigma surrounding mental disorders and mental illness.

Asset Facilitator Philip Block even co-facilitated a workshop with Mental Health Peer Support Coordinator Laura Burke on Tuesday afternoon called "Self-Compassion: Being Kind to Ourselves in a High Performance Environment."

Visit the Mental Health Peer Support Initiative website for more information on the important work they're doing at Dalhousie: