CEO Tova Sherman Speaks to Print and Radio About Disability Parking Spots

Our CEO Tova Sherman spoke to both Metronews and 97.5 FM in Halifax about disability parking in HRM last week.

Metronews: Tova Sherman did not look disabled when she was using disabled parking spots. Her knee was in a cast which couldn’t be seen under her jeans. “People give you the sneer,” she said. “I’ve seen the sneer.” The CEO of ReachAbility was only temporarily disabled, but she was still affected by the stigma directed at people with invisible disabilities.

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97.5 FM: David Sparks from the Lyle Howe Facebook support group tells us about the rally to support Lyle Howe taking place this morning. We discuss disability parking with Tova Sherman, co-founder and CEO of reachAbility. We talk to Ben Wedge from the Halifax Cycling Coalition about cycling. Veteraned schooner captain Lou Boudreau weighs in on the latest hiccup in the Bluenose restoration project.

Listen to the interview here: