reachAbility Client Releases First Book of Poetry

IMG_7921 reachAbility client Fergus Dearden has released his first book of poetry entitled The Coffee Shop Meditations, which puts his own life and struggles with Bipolar Disorder into words.

Dearden was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland where he resided until he was seven years old.  He then moved to Port Hawkesbury, NS where he went on to graduate high school in 2001. After a small sailing career, Fergus attended Saint Mary’s University in Halifax where he graduated in May of 2011 with both Arts and Commerce Degrees; majoring in English Philosophy and Entrepreneurship. He currently resides in Halifax and dreams of helping others with disabilities see inside of themselves through the use of poetry and words.

With The Coffee Shop Meditations, Dearden wanted to help people understand that disability does not have to be a hindrance. "I wrote the book to help pull myself out of a bad bout of anxiety and depression," says Dearden. "Along with therapy I realized that I was starting to live the meditations that were in the book. I then started to think that I could make a difference in someone else's life by publishing the book."

It is a unique reflective reading experience through the use of single words that can effectively describe the world around us while enabling the reader to reflect on their current situation and how they have the potential to change that situation.

"In the past I would write to help myself feel better because I have had a lot of trauma happen in my life. It was the only way I could really express myself because I didn't quite know how to verbalize my feelings properly. I now write just for pleasure and who knows, maybe a few more books are on the horizon."

On what his goals are with the book, Dearden says: "My expectations for the book would be to bring my introspective spiritual poetry to a mass audience and hopefully help that one person that may be down on their luck and use the book to help change their life. If I accomplish that I have been successful in the main goal. I want to also raise awareness towards people with disabilities, reduce stigma and raise money for both reachAbility and the Canadian Mental Health Association. If I can raise $10,000 for each, it would in my mind prove that people living with disabilities have the ability to do anything.  As for what a reader can expect; I hope to help them raise their own awareness in their own lives. I would like to take it to a broader audience so that more people with disabilities can begin to experience a more calm and peaceful life."

You can purchase a copy of the book via Amazon: