Learn More About Our One-Step-Closer Program

In an effort to reach out to a broader number of particpants, The One Step Closer program will deliver in-community programming, eliminating the need for clients in outlying areas of HRM to travel to reachAbility’s central office in peninsular Halifax.

Aspiring to reach more than 100 individuals over its program year, reachAbility is able to assist a greatere number of persons with disabilities. To facilitate this process, the program will deliver its modules over a two-week period of time, working with participants for a total of ten days to deliver  two popular, in-house reachAbility programs, ASSET and SYCLE. With the assistance of DCS staff, the OSCP will identify and secure local community centres, meeting halls, schools and other locations considered to be appropriate learning environments.

Find out more about the program by visiting the One-Step-Closer page.