Learn More About Our Success 20 Program

Success 20 is a program that focuses on providing clients with the support and guidance that they may require in order to look for, and hopefully secure meaningful employment.

Much of the program relies on the use of computers to explore and navigate the existing opportunities in today’s job market. Although clients may come to the program with the intention of being directed towards employment, we at reachAbility take the time to carefully screen each client to try and determine (with their help) what may be their strongest skills. We then try and match their skills with jobs that they not only find meaningful, but are more likely to remain sustained in. Emphasis is laid on finding a jobs that our clients would work in not because they sometimes have to, but because they want to, and will eventually grow to love those jobs, making short and long term employment a part of their lives.

Find out more about Success 20 here: http://reachability.org/free-programming/success-20/