Nutrition Topic at Stress Clinic This Week

In an effort to support our clients in reducing stresses in their lives, reachAbility is now offering a weekly clinic. Gathering every Tuesday afternoon from 2 - 3 p.m. at the reachAbility offices, facilitators and clients together explore various recreational and experiential strategies to cope with and/or reduce generalized anxiety as a result of stress in our lives. PhillipThis week's clinic on Nutrition will be led by Asset facilitator Philip Block.

Here's a brief questionnaire with Philip:

What do you love? I love my two beautiful daughters, Ella and Ava, my loving and supportive family and friends, Petra, our amazing dog, our natural environment and it’s beauty and, of course, coffee

What do you most enjoy learning about? I enjoy learning about the everyday challenges that face us and the environment

What makes you feel alive? What makes me feel alive? My time with Ella and Ava, being on the saddle of my bicycle, feeling my paddle dip in the water, running the trail with Petra and the first Bodum of the day.

Five Favourites 

  • Art – Art that provides me with inspiration are the works that my close friends and family have produced — pure, intimate, creative energy.
  • Song/music/band/artist -Nova Scotia’s great local talent!
  • Memory – 5/7/12 (yes, a date… and a very special one)
  • Book or Author – I have a great appreciation for the writings of Atlantic Canadian author David Adams Richards
  • Climate – NOT cold, wet and windy… why do I still love Nova Scotia so?

For more information, please contact Philip at or (902) 334-2063.