Organization/Prioritization Topic at Stress Clinic This Week

In an effort to support our clients in reducing stresses in their lives, reachAbility is now offering a weekly clinic. Gathering every Tuesday afternoon from 2 - 3 p.m. at the reachAbility offices, facilitators and clients together explore various recreational and experiential strategies to cope with and/or reduce generalized anxiety as a result of stress in our lives. MandaThis week's clinic will be led by our very organized Intake Coordinator, Manda. As the Intake Coordinator, Manda is often the first point-of-contact for new clients of reachAbility, and she takes care of managing a ton of information on a daily basis.

Here's a brief questionnaire with Manda:

What do you love? I love walking and discovering new places and using my hands to make things.

What do you most enjoy learning about? Different ways of doing things! Everyone has varying approaches to the world, and respecting and honouring those differences consistently teaches me how much each person has to offer.

What makes you feel alive? Pouring myself into things that I care about.

Five Favourites

  • Memory - Watching a sixty-four foot wooden pyramid burn in the middle of the desert.
  • Place - Sitting quietly at windows looking out at the world.
  • Smell - Burning cedar.
  • Climate - ‘Sweater weather’ – I love bundling up in my woollies and walking on a foggy morning.
  • Animal - Great Blue Heron

For more information, please contact Philip at or (902) 334-2063.