RHYTHM: hands-on skills, self-confidenceand creative expression for Halifax Youth

flyer1RHYTHMReaching Halifax Youth Through Harmony and Music

RHYTHM is a unique program for youth aged 16-25. It provides the opportunity to work with a professional DJ in an engaging workshop setting. Participants get the basics of beat blending, mixing and scratching using the latest technology and equipment.

In addition to teaching a unique creative skill, the RHYTHM program serves to foster self-confidence, self-awareness, good communication and creative expression! Our DJ and facilitators are experienced working with persons of all abilities. Like all reachAbility programs, RHYTHM is inclusive of, not exclusive of, persons with disabilities. Meaning, reachability is dedicated to equalizing the playing field for all clients facing barriers – period.

The Rhythm program aims to:

  • Develop essential life skills like self-awareness, self-esteem, and confidence
  • Identify strengths, and support clients as they address any personal barriers
  • Introduce a fun and supportive environment in which to develop life skills, occupational skills, and social skills
  • Foster integration and promote respect, in the community as a whole

For more information on RHYTHM or to register, please contact: Moira Harding at moira@reachability.org