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Courthouse 1Courthouse 2Courthouses of Nova Scotia Helping the Community in a New Way

 Courthouses throughout Nova Scotia are an integral part of the community. Physically, they each represent a unique and beautiful design.  Many rural courthouses in Nova Scotia are now being closed and reachAbility wanted to capture the essence of them before being lost to history.  Artist Alix Wilson was commissioned to do ink drawings of the courthouses.

These beautiful cards, which come in two series of 12, enable the Courthouses of Nova Scotia to continue to contribute to the community just in a different way.  Your purchase of $20.00 per set of 12 cards supports the grassroots programming of reachAbility across Nova Scotia.  reachAbility is a non-profit organization that provides self-awareness and employment programming to individuals who are facing barriers.  reachAbility is a place of acceptance dedicated to enriching and empowering individuals and the community through creating a fair, equitable and inclusive culture.

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Katie Lewis


*Please note: shipping and handling costs are not included in the set price.