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Press Announcement:

Regions and Programs Bureau Health Canada/Government of Canada

The 10th Annual National Diversity Week is just around the corner, from January 25th to 29th.  This year’s theme is: Cultural diversity - a multi-generational perspective.  As the Chair for Diversity in the Atlantic Region, I am pleased to highlight a key event taking place in our region during this important week:


Monday, January 25th, Making a Difference Because You can! A Journey through Inclusion, 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm, Horizon Room: Register now for this great opportunity to hear from Tova Sherman, Co-founder and CEO of reachAbility Association.  With a background in entrepreneurship, community development, hospitality and the voluntary sector, Tova is an award-winning executive and a frequent speaker at venues across Canada, with her cutting-edge expertise in disability awareness.  She is featured on numerous media sources including the world-class TED lecture circuit and her own television series, Inclusion Revolution.  Please register through the Learning