The "Me" Project official launch!

The “Me” Project launched at Halifax Central Library in Halifax, Nova Scotia  

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For Immediate Release

(Halifax, NS) – The “Me” Project successfully launched at the Halifax Central Library!  The exhibit will be displayed at Halifax Central until January 29th after which can be seen at the Cole Harbour Public Library. The “Me” Project is an art exhibit that showcases a series of images that looks to challenge stereotypical judgement by others about an individual’s superficial appearance, perceived barriers, and disabilities.

When asked about the “Me” Project, reachAbility CEO Tova Sherman said “Instead of judging someone by a first impression; step back, take a deep breathe and look again.”

About the “Me” Project

The “Me” Project is a collection of the experiences and identity of participants in the self awareness and personal development program, Redi-Set-Go (RSG).

Participants began their project by creating word art via an online service.  They chose words that resonate with them, describing themselves and their lives. The words chosen are important as they bring guidance for the individual experiencing setbacks, creates optimism when the individual is down and provides a sense of ownership writing the words out and making them feel real.

The next stage of this project is to add individual flare. We want the individual to feel attracted to their framed art; we want them to want to look at what they have created. At this stage the participant will personalize their frame through mixed media (e.g. paint, markers, stickers etc...)

Once the participant is satisfied with the framed word art, we capture their image from neck down because it’s not about their superficial looks; it’s about who they are inside, what they represent and where they want to be!


About reachAbility Association

reachAbility is a culture of acceptance dedicated to enriching and empowering individuals and the community through a fair, equitable and inclusive environment. Our reputation for fun, interesting, engaging and creative programming is well-founded. Our programs are inclusive of, not exclusive of, persons with disabilities. Meaning, reachAbility is dedicated to equalizing the playing field for people facing barriers.

We have a committed staff that provides support and guidance to a wide range of clients with a focus on programs designed to build a stronger community — one ability at a time.

RSG is a self awareness personal development program geared toward identifying an individual’s next step goals, then creating tangible steps in attaining those goals. Topics of discussion surround self awareness, confidence and assurance. Clients identify their goals and develop a process to attain those goals. Decision making, problem solving and motivation are major concepts discussed to ensure the client has the tools needed to continue their efforts toward a successful result.

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For more information, contact:

Matthew Zions, reachAbility (902) 429-5878 /