Press Release: reachAbility Introduces Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Halifax, NS- January 12th 2017 reachAbility is pleased to announce certified Animal Assisted Therapist, Yana Gold. Yana comes with 10 years of experience and her four therapy animals; two French bulldogs, a bearded dragon and a beta fish. Yana Gold is the only therapist in the area using a diverse range of animals in AAT.  She is available for private therapy sessions. Please note: AAT differs from service dogs and therapy dogs.

AAT can be with any animal. It is a therapeutic process based on the client’s encounter with various animals, not just dogs, as are most popular. Yana states, “It is important that we have a diverse range of animals with various characteristics for a diverse range of people; you need diversity to treat diversity”.

AAT is a triangular process between the client, the therapist and the animal.  This encounter is immediate, direct, and authentic. Making the sessions comfortable, safe and free of judgement. With AAT, a client can express themselves without words through their interactions with the animals. It allows a reflection of mental, cognitive, and behavioral processes to be projected onto the animal that leads to a journey of growth, without using conventional clinical therapeutic practices.


At reachAbility, we use animal assistants in our current programs and Wellness Clinic and we are currently offering individual Animal Assisted Therapy sessions. To book an appointment with our Animal Assisted Therapist, Yana Gold, please phone Victoria McNeil at 902-429-5878 or email

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