reachAbility’s Employment Programs are Unique & Free

Recently reachAbility was featured in Cream, carriers by The Chronicle Herald. you can read the article at the link here or below.  

Win, win, win — what an ambitious approach to employment. ReachAbility Association is just that . . . ambitious. Maybe that is why they have such a great reputation for matching employers with ready-to-work employees (like you)!

ReachAbility’s desire to find unemployed Nova Scotians not just a job, but a career, is crucial — and it is all free. They do not charge for any services they provide anyone needing employment. Period.

And this business of win, win. win — well that just means right person, right job.

Whether joining Employment Boot Camp (EBC), a four-week intensive job search and interview preparation project, or Success 40 (up to 40 days of ongoing support), a more comprehensive approach to job prep, participants are provided unique access to job developers, stress-management tools, career navigation, resume and cover letter experts and more. Mock interviews with real employers, access to hidden jobs and ongoing supports once employed, are all part of ReachAbility’s one-stop-shop for Halifax’s jobless.

So, you win by gaining employment, the employer wins by getting you, and reachability wins by creating another great partnership right here in Halifax!

Win, win, win.

ReachAbility CEO, Tova Sherman, explains: “The reason we do what we do at ReachAbility is because we believe nearly everyone can work and should have the right to try. Those facing unique barriers, whether disability or compatibility, all are welcome to access our services from self-awareness to self-employment — and if we can’t help you we will figure out who can.”

You are one call or email away from changing your life, or the life of someone you care about, right now!

Why not book a tour or a slot in one of the employment programs customized to meet your unique needs? Call 902-429-5878 or email at