Join Us February 7th for Speed Meeting!

Photo Credit:  Tim Gouw/Unsplash

Photo Credit: Tim Gouw/Unsplash

Date & Time:
Thursday, February 7th, 2019
12:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Windsor Room, Prince George Hotel
1725 Market Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

RSVP preferred but not required

We recognize that re-entering the workforce is a daunting task at best, so in addition to our employment programming and job developer services we are trying something new - Speed Meeting!

Think speed-dating without the awkwardness. Our team of diverse employers will meet and assess any job seeker wishing to get feedback on their resume, interview skills and much more.

The goals of this event are straightforward:

  • To provide job seekers the opportunity to spend five minutes with employers from across six different sectors.

  • For job seekers to receive feedback from each employer as to their strengths, and where they can improve.

  • To provide employers access to job seekers with various backgrounds and abilities.

  • To provide employers a half-hour seminar on ease of inclusion from our CEO, Tova Sherman.

  • To offer all attendees a delicious Prince George Hotel lunch at no cost!

At reachAbility we are committed to a "right person, right fit, right job!” approach to employment hence our success for nearly 20 years! While these speed meetings are not job interviews, all employers attending do have opportunities available so, bring your resume, an appetite and an open mind!