The Chance To Work Hard at Work Worth Doing

Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
– Theodore Roosevelt

As we transition throughout our lifetime we all at times struggle with finding meaning and purpose in life; including family, community, and employment.

If there is one thing I have learned in my job (as a Facilitator) it is that opportunities are there for all of us.

You never know where those opportunities may lie. I, for one, have been very blessed to have found a job that I not only love but has given me the opportunity to make a difference in my community.

As a facilitator of One Step Closer a pre-employment program, I travel throughout the HRM providing tools and resources in support of youth and adults to lead a more fulfilling life and become equal participants in our community.

It was not a straight-line getting to where I am today from working in a family business as an owner/operator. I am living proof that we all have skills and those skills are truly transferrable.

For instance, as an owner operator you are called upon to rely on so many skills; being good with people, knowing what people are looking for, etc. Those skills help in everything we do that involves communicating an idea, listening and more. In sales and marketing being open-minded, creative, good listener and communicator allow us to be influential, supportive and understanding in developing relationships with clients, staff and community at large.

Hard work, determination and believing not only in yourself but what you are capable of is how we transfer our skills.

Believe in your transferable skills & rely on your personal, professional and social experiences.

When you work with such talented and dynamic individuals like the team at reachAbility Association it is always about pushing your own capacity and expanding horizons. When surrounded by others who are passionate, supportive and resourceful we all can benefit in achieving not only the goals of your organization but also in our own personal and professional aspirations.