The Right Fit for the Right Person

Photo by  Xtra, Inc.  on  Unsplash

Photo by Xtra, Inc. on Unsplash

The Right Fit for the Right Person

Too many times in life we find ourselves in the position of being unhappy at work, with work, or the amount of fulfillment we find doing the work. This is a common feeling that many of us have been faced with, leading us to explore different careers paths and feel stressed or undervalued in our current positions.

Have we been going about this all wrong?

Year after year we see people applying to jobs with resumes and cover letters showcasing why they would be a great fit for a specific job, when in fact there is a worthy step to take before that.  Do you take the time to really research job opportunities? Reviewing company websites, searching for core their values, and asking anyone who is working, or has worked, there for input. Doing this will give you a better understanding as to whether or not these jobs match with your personal values.

Throughout my personal journey to finding a fulfilling career, I have come across some key elements that can be used in most aspects of life.

Often times when faced with needing to provide the basics to live, and with bills piling up needing to be paid, we often compromise fulfillment for wages. Consider the following before deciding if the next opportunity is for you:

  • Be open to change – nothing in life stays the same, not even our bodies. Did you know that the human body sheds the out layer of skin every 2-4 weeks? Change can be good, so try and embrace it. Change provides an opportunity to showcase other aspects of your skills.

  • Hold onto your values – If something is important to you and going against it would challenge your value system, it is very likely that even a well paying job, that doesn’t align with your values, won’t be worth it.  Being unhappy in the workplace leads to low productivity of employees.

  • Find your “why” in life – Finding your “why” is crucial to finding employment you will be good at, and that will keep you engaged and motivated. The “why” is most important as it is what shapes the majority of your decisions.

  • Accept the good learn from the bad – Appreciate the good moments that happen in your life as they are not always guaranteed, and will provide joy and happiness. Understand that somethings are out of your control but can provide lessons in which you will experience the most growth.

If we make a conscious decision to add these few steps to our job searching process not only will we screen out the opportunities that don’t serve us; we will be more prepared for the interview knowing that our principles and morales align; and when we find the right fit, we will know that it is an organization we can stand behind.

We hope that by being more self-aware, we will gain a greater sense of balance in and out of the workforce.

Fulfillment can be found in the workforce, it just takes some self reflection and strategic thinking to find where you belong, and what you believe is important, within the context of your career.