Building on Self-Awareness & Self-Confidence, or BOSS, is a two-week program which focuses on these avenues to better manage anger and replace negative coping strategies.

In a combination of group sessions and one-on-one appointments, we help you to increase your Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness, and how to handle difficult situations.

During the program, participants will use art to identify their emotions

During the program, participants will use art to identify their emotions

Program topics include:

  • Understanding invitations to anger

  • Navigating negative thinking, and reframing

  • Developing coping strategies and anger management techniques

  • Symptoms and effects of anger in the body

  • Non-violent communication

  • Self exploration and examining real life situations

For more information about BOSS, please contact or call us at 902.429.5878. Contact us to discuss the program and how it could work for you.


“BOSS has given me the knowledge to understand my own anger.”

“Since BOSS, I feel less frustrated with management at my work ”

“Overall, I am feeling more relaxed”

"BOSS changed the way I think about an "invitation to anger".  I can respond to it in a constructive way."

"I have acquired skills to be aware of my feelings.  This has allowed me to think before I react.  My personal relationships have significantly improved."

"Visually representing my anger onto a mask was extremely trans-formative."

"The acupuncture was very beneficial"

"Having Hamilton, the bunny in the room was calming"

"BOSS helped me understand how anger evolves. How my thinking feeds anger.  The need for a pause and regrouping will help deal with the situation"

"BOSS had helped me identify when I am angry, how it looks and what it means and where it comes from"

"I felt safe and respected."