Inclusion in Action


We provide tested, proven and customized accessibility, diversity and inclusion (AD&I) solutions for organizations and individuals that remove the barriers to your success. With our services, everyone can reach their growth goals.

Opening Doors For Everyone


Opening Doors for Everyone (ODE) is a province-wide roadshow that provides expertise in inclusion and the new Accessibility Legislation, at no charge! Bringing together P3 stakeholders to make Nova Scotia the most accessible province in Canada!


Employment Matchmaking Speed Meeting

Employment Matchmaking creates the opportunity for you as an employer to engage with your community, represent your core values, and gain recognition for your commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe that everyone can find gainful, sustainable employment when a “right fit, right person, right job” is found.

Speed Meeting - it’s like speed dating but without the awkwardness. reachAbility’s goal is to provide Job Seekers with the opportunity to have interview practice with actual hiring employers from their community in a supportive, accessible and inclusive environment. It’s a perfect example of Win, Win, Win!