Employment Matchmaking is a wonderful opportunity for you as an employer to engage with communities, represent your core values and gain recognition for your commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Your participation allows you to give something of value back to the community while gaining something even more valuable in return – a workplace culture that is healthy, positive and ahead of the curve.

In becoming an employer partner, you agree to support reachAbility’s work in finding well-suited employees for your organization. You must commit to an equal opportunity workplace and be willing to reasonably accommodate needs if necessary.


Our committment

  • To provide long-term, customized support to employers with every placement

  • To provide suitable, ready-to-work clients and guarantee a good fit for both employee and employer

  • To provide annual introductory Inclusion Training for two staff members of your choice at a group session at no cost

  • To facilitate your Corporate Accommodation Policy developed by our own legal team in partnership with the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society and law firm McInnes Cooper

  • To identify and assist with wage subsidy programs to help you undertake an employment agreement should the opportunity arise

  • To provide professionally prepared display materials to celebrate your participation in the program

  • To provide ongoing access to a suite of Inclusion Training and other related opportunities at member rate

reachAbility provides continued support to both the employee and the employer throughout the entire process and well into successful employment.

We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a partnered employer! Enrolling as an employer partner allows you to reach out to us at any time for employment support, such as suitable candidates for your employment needs, access to reachAbility services, and any additional supports we can provide to ensure a successful placement for you and our client.

To get started, we need to learn more about you, your organization or business, and your employment needs. Please contact Jessica Ward, jessica@reachability.org.