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For Our Clients

We offer numerous programs for our clients, each designed to help build personal and professional skills, strengthen confidence and capabilities. Here you’ll find an overview of our client-focused programs.

If you’d like to join our programming, we require a completed referral form. Please click here.



Self Awareness Programs

We firmly believe the first step in success is knowing your own value and understanding yourself as an individual. We work with you to create awareness and inner potential by focusing on abilities over disabilities. 


Program: ASSET

Self-confidence and social skills with an employment focus. This is a one-week program for youth and adults.


Program: SYCLE

Conflict Management and Effective Communication with an employment focus. This is a two week program for youth and adults.

Copy of Transition 101.png

program: TRANSITION 101

This three-week intervention focuses on goal setting, disclosure, accommodation, and disability awareness.



This takes two of our most successful programs, ASSET and SYCLE, on the road and delivers them to the communities where they are needed.


First-Time Filmmakers helps to empower youth and teach them transferable skills through the art of filmmaking. 

Boss 1.jpg

Program: BOSS

This is a two-week program focusing on self-awareness and self-confidence as avenues to better manage anger and replace negative coping strategies.


Employment Services

We can provide you with transferable skills through training, education, job placement services, and help in overcoming barriers.


Program: Employment Bootcamp

This 20 day program for youth and adults combines workshops and work experiences to help you make a successful transition to employment.

program: Success 40

Success 40 is an eight week program for individuals who are motivated to find employment but require additional support to enter or re-enter the workforce.

program: Job Developer

Our job developer has connections with many companies looking for full-time, part-time and casual workers, and works with individuals to find the best fit.


Client Feedback

We love the feedback our clients provide, and it helps shape programs at every step. If you want a real feel for the impact and opportunities unlocked through reachAbility, we invite you to read through the notes below.

Comment Cards

“The program was great. It really gave me a reason to think about how and why I want to improve my life / life goals.”

— reachAbility Client
(Employment and Self-Awareness Programming, 2017)

“This was a positive experience and I am glad to know reachAbility has more steps and programs to support my journey.”

— reachAbility Client
(Self-Awareness Programming, 2017)

“The program has helped me to realize my full potential and put a lot of things into perspective.”

— reachAbility Client
(Self-Awareness Programming, 2016)




If you would like to explore how reachAbility can help you, or if you are a caseworker and would like to make a referral, please complete the form below. This information is required to ensure an efficient intake process. All information collected will remain confidential. 

Inquiries Email:

Please note: Clients will be contacted by reachAbility within 2 business days of receiving the referral.

If you would like to download a copy to fill it out manually and send it to us by fax or e-mail, please down load the form through the button below:



digital Client intake/referral form

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Income Assistance
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Case Worker Information
Our commitment is to ensure that case managers are informed of any programs clients choose to attend. Please call (902) 429-5878 for additional information.
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