Steps to Wellness Program: Finding Balance

Part of our commitment to reducing stress for our clients include:

  • Group services

  • Peer-driven groups

  • Mentor opportunities, and more!

We offer ongoing and one-off programming.

Steps to wellness Workshops

reachAbility clients participate in mindfulness based stress reduction, accessible yoga, creative arts and regular music making sessions. The Steps to Wellness program also includes lunch through our reachABLE Food twice a week as we know that a brain needs food to be able to think.

Step sessions reinforce and complement the core theme of building capacity for inclusion in all our clients.such as Art Therapy, Auricular Acupuncture, Meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Coping Strategies, Accessible Yoga, Music Therapy, Media Literacy, Budgeting, Bullying in The Workplace, Boundaries, Animal Assisted Therapy and more!!

Steps to Wellness (STW) aims to support clients to build resiliency; it's an integral part of all the programming we do at reachAbility.
STW workshops bring all clients together for sessions that address stress management and emotional regulation. Clients learn about the role of the brain in our emotions, how to re-frame negative thoughts, and how food can improve a mood.

We’re committed to creating a supportive dialogue both in and out of class. In addition to our Steps to Wellness Workshops, our Steps to Wellness Programming Coordinator meets with all clients, one on one, several times throughout their journey at reachAbility to provide:

  • Professional expertise

  • One-on-one confidential support

  • Skill development and strategies to improve mental health

  • Transferable skills