reachAbility believes everyone has something to offer. That's why since January of 2017,
over 80% of our clients have left gainfully employed.

One-On-One Client Support

Our job developer works on- on-one with our employment program clients to help find the right job fit for them.

The job developer takes the time to get to know each individual, working through their barriers to employment, and narrowing down what is going to work best for each individual. Through individualized support, the job developer is able to seek out opportunities that match what the client needs and wants.

The job developer can assist with customizing resumes and cover letters to suit each opportunity, can seek out job shadow opportunities, and can attend job fairs and interviews if so required.

Employment Matchmaking

We are very fortunate to have great employer partners who connect with our job developer on a regular basis, keeping us up to date on potential employment opportunities.

Our job developer works closely with employers to learn what their hiring and retention needs are, what the qualities are that their future employees require, and how we can help to ease the transition into work by creating a supportive environment between the employer, the client and reachAbility.

Through collaboration with our employer and community partners we can ensure that we are providing the necessary supports for our clients to find sustainable, gainful employment.

For more information about working with our Job Developer, please contact or call us at 902.429.5878.