Legal Referral Form

Our legal referral service offers a free one-hour consultation with a Nova Scotian lawyer to members of the disability community.

Please note that there is no obligation on the lawyer to provide services after the one-hour consultation and payment may be required to continue receiving legal services after the hour is finished. This referral is meant to be an introduction to some of the options you may have as well as your potential rights and obligations.

After filling out this form, our legal services coordinator will notify you that the referral is being processed, or follow-up on any other details required. 

All information submitted in this form is confidential.

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Under 500 words, please provide a brief description of your legal problem. Note that this is not everything you want the lawyer to know, it is meant to give us a sense of what your problem is about.
Please list the full names of other people or groups in your legal matter so that a lawyer can perform a conflict of interest check.
Consultations may take place over the phone or skype.