Form Filling Aid

In response to a community need, reachAbility has partnered with Dalhousie University Pro Bono students to provide support to those having difficulty filling out important forms.

During the standard academic calendar, our form filing clinics are open on a weekly basis in various locations in the HRM with partnered host organizations. Assistance is provided for forms such as criminal record pardons, lease agreements, applications and more.

No appointment is necessary, simply check our calendar to see if the clinic is open and drop by during the clinic's hours.

“This is a simple need met by a united response,” says reachAbility CEO Tova Sherman. “The program is for everyone, including those with low literacy.”

Please note, these clinics cannot help with court documents, including documents like statements of claim and notices of appeal. Please contact our Legal Coordinator at for more information.

Our 2019 Form Filling Clinics have closed, stay tuned for an upcoming summer schedule!


Thank you to our community partners: