Legal Services

If you are interested in one of our programs, please browse our offering of legal resources.

There are three primary services we offer:

1)      Legal Referral Service: This service connects members of the disability community to a lawyer for a free one-hour consultation. Please use our online referral form if you are interested, or reach out to us using the contact information on this page. Not sure if a referral is for you? Please find our list of other legal resources in Nova Scotia.

2)      Form Filling Clinics: Staffed by volunteer law students once a week, these drop-in clinics can help with anyone who requires form filling aid for free. Examples include applications, record suspensions and other government forms. However, this service does not help with court documents, which require a lawyer.

Stay tuned for our upcoming schedule for our form filling clinics!

3)      Community Outreach Initiatives: Under this service, reachAbility partners with other Nova Scotian organizations working with disenfranchised groups to book experts on legal topics relevant to their clients. If your organization is interested in up to 90 minutes of free legal information, please reach out to us using our contact information on this page.   

For more information, please continue scrolling for a more detailed description of each program.

reachAbility thanks our volunteers from Pro Bono Dalhousie and the NSCC for their work in Legal Services, and the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia for their continued support in making this service possible.


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Please see our notice on our upcoming closure before reaching out.

When we are open, you can call us at 902.429.5878, email, or fill out the form below.

For our referral service, please use the online referral form.

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