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Form Filling Aid

In response to a community need, reachAbility has partnered with Dalhousie University Pro Bono students to provide support to those having difficulty filling out important forms.

During the standard academic calendar, our form filing clinics are open on a weekly basis in various locations in the HRM with partnered host organizations. Assistance is provided for forms such as criminal record pardons, lease agreements, applications and more.

No appointment is necessary, simply check our calendar to see if the clinic is open and drop by during the clinic's hours.

“This is a simple need met by a united response,” says reachAbility CEO Tova Sherman. “The program is for everyone, including those with low literacy.”

Please note, these clinics cannot help with court documents, including documents like statements of claim and notices of appeal. Please contact our Legal Coordinator at for more information.

Our 2019 Form Filling Clinics have closed, stay tuned for an upcoming summer schedule!


Thank you to our community partners:



Community Outreach Initiative

A Community Outreach Initiative (COI) is a free, one-hour information session on a legal topic relevant to persons with disabilities. These talks give those with disabilities a unique opportunity to learn more about legal issues that matter to them, and to participate in a discussion on that topic with a legal expert.

Persons with disabilities often face unique challenges. They deserve a unique service to help level the playing field.

Past topics have included:

  • Navigating the Canada Pension Plan

  • Arranging powers of attorney

  • Understanding disability and employment

  • Understanding accommodation rights

  • Handling landlord and tenant issues

  • Writing a will

Additionally, if you are involved with an agency whose clients or community would benefit from information about the law, we can arrange a COI specifically designed for your clientele. If you supply the space, we will gladly supply one of our expert legal volunteers.

If you would like to attend or organize a COI, please contact our Legal Coordinator at 902.429.5878 or

The lawyer was very well prepared and gave a professional, yet understandable presentation…He answered people’s questions during and after the presentation.
— COI client participant


Model Accommodation Policy

reachAbility and the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society have developed a model workplace accommodation policy for people with disabilities who work in the legal profession. The policy gives law firms and their employees a place to start when they talk about how to level the playing field, so that employees with disabilities will have an equal opportunity to excel at their job.

Our goal is to have this policy, or parts of it, voluntarily adopted by law firms across Nova Scotia and Canada.

The model accommodation policy is openly available to the public and employers to refer to when making rules about accommodation in the workplace.

The four main points laid out by this policy are:

  • Employer’s commitment to accommodating disability

  • Employer’s responsibilities in accommodating disability

  • Employee’s responsibilities if they expect their disability to be accommodated

  • How the employer and employee can reach an agreement about an accommodation that works for everyone

A fair and well thought-out model policy gives employers a good foundation for inclusion in the workplace. We believe most employers want to treat their employees fairly and help them be as productive in their jobs as possible.

Model Accommodation Policy:  CLICK HERE.

For more information on the Model Accommodation Policy, please contact our Legal Coordinator at 902.429.5878 or