Model Accommodation Policy

reachAbility and the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society have developed a model workplace accommodation policy for people with disabilities who work in the legal profession. The policy gives law firms and their employees a place to start when they talk about how to level the playing field, so that employees with disabilities will have an equal opportunity to excel at their job.

Our goal is to have this policy, or parts of it, voluntarily adopted by law firms across Nova Scotia and Canada.

The model accommodation policy is openly available to the public and employers to refer to when making rules about accommodation in the workplace.

The four main points laid out by this policy are:

  • Employer’s commitment to accommodating disability

  • Employer’s responsibilities in accommodating disability

  • Employee’s responsibilities if they expect their disability to be accommodated

  • How the employer and employee can reach an agreement about an accommodation that works for everyone

A fair and well thought-out model policy gives employers a good foundation for inclusion in the workplace. We believe most employers want to treat their employees fairly and help them be as productive in their jobs as possible.

Model Accommodation Policy:  CLICK HERE.

For more information on the Model Accommodation Policy, please contact our Legal Coordinator at 902.429.5878 or