What is ODE?

Opening Doors for Everyone is a program dedicated to providing businesses in Nova Scotia the essential tools and resources to become fully accessible and compliant with the NS Accessibility Act! Our presentations are free and province-wide.

Why does your business need ODE?

Our presentation addresses disability awareness, the new Accessibility Act in NS that will impact your business, and the government grants/funding program available to help cover costs of any improvements and/or further training.  

The NS Accessibility Act states that all businesses must be fully accessible by 2030. Read more about the bill here!

Learn more about available grants and apply now!

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Hours and dates

February 26th, 2019
12 PM - 1 PM

March 26th, 2019
12 PM - 1:30 PM


The Mariners Centre

NS Works

What people are saying:

“This was so much more than just put an automatic door opener in a business! Thank you!”

– Courtney McNutt; R.D. Chisholm Ltd.

“Wow! Great session. Will definitely use this info for education and future business needs. Thank you! Much appreciated.”

– Sobeys

“Wow! I love the energy and passion, the power in your message and the simplicity in taking action are very relatable.”


“Great presentation! So informative and engaging. Allowed me to recognize the areas we are inclusive and where we need to improve. Thank you for sharing your passion and enthusiasm, it was more than I expected”

– Annapolis County Family Resource Centre

"Thank you for hosting an amazing event... The presentation was outstanding and very helpful"

- Word Right Career & HR Consulting Inc. 

“Wonderful presentation! I loved the energy and the knowledge shared. It will be very beneficial in my work/volunteer/personal life. Thank you!”

– Family Matters

“Very passionate and knowledgeable workshop. Positive addition to understanding and taking steps toward being more inclusive.”

– David Walker 

“As a parent and business owner this gives me pleasure knowing my son will be able to find employment and access services because of people out there that care to make changes.”

– Kari Saunders; Bad Apple Brewhouse

Commencing April 2018, nationally recognized NGO, reachAbility Association will begin providing an accessAbility roadshow to businesses across Nova Scotia!


These customized training modules will provide Nova Scotia based businesses new knowledge to aid in discovering the ease of inclusion in the workplace

Meet the experts, learn about new legislation, and access financial supports that ensure your business welcomes everyone! 

Join us in bringing together P3 stakeholders with a similar goal of making Nova Scotia the most accessible province in Canada!

ODE will cover the following topics, ensuring attendees leave with a comprehensive tool kit of resources available while providing straight forward answers to your inclusion questions and addressing your business needs .


  • Facts, Flags, and Forward Thinking

  • Disability Awareness in Practice

  • Ways to Improve Accessibility in Your Business

  • Accessing Available Grants and Partners

  • Next Steps!

For more information email Amanda, ODE Coordinator, amanda@reachability.org


ODE is proudly supported by the Department of
Communities, Culture and Heritage Nova Scotia

ODE is proudly supported by the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage Nova Scotia