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ReachAbility is dedicated to equalizing the playing field for people facing barriers. Our programs foster pre-employment skills, such as problem solving, goal setting, and decision making. We provide employment opportunities for all Nova Scotians facing the sting of stigma.

Many employers are partnering with reachAbility to engage the community, represent their values, and demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. We help employers create a workplace culture that is healthy, positive and ahead of the curve through programs such as Diversity Awareness Training.

Our committed staff provide support and guidance to all of our clients. Our programs designed to build a stronger community one ability at a time.

Whether you are an individual or a business, we strive to tailor our programs to fit your unique needs. Get in touch to explore the possibilities.


Values Statement

We provide accessible opportunities to all people. Our self-awareness and employment programs, services and events are free to our clients.


We firmly believe the first step in success is knowing your own value and understanding all you can be. We work with you to access the potential within by focusing on abilities over disabilities.

We provide you with transferable skills through training, education and job placement services.

Our recreation programs teach social skills and encourage healthy, active lifestyle.

Legal Services: 
We’re able to match you with a lawyer for a free, one-hour consultation.


Partnering with reachAbility is a great way for employers to engage in the community, represent their core values and gain recognition for their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Our Employer of Excellence program and Diversity Awareness Training allow employers to gain recognition and awareness by offering employment opportunities for clients at reachAbility – creating a workplace culture that is healthy, positive and ahead of the curve.