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First-Time Filmmakers - July Workshop


The FIRST-TIME FILMMAKERS (FTF) introduces filmmaking basics to youth, aged 16 to 23, who are not enrolled in the public school system.

Time: 9 am to 4 pm (one hour break from 12 pm to 1pm)

Location: 3845 Joseph Howe Drive, Suite 201, Halifax, NS, B3L 4H9

Phone: 902 429-5858

Cost: Free (includes lunch)

Instructors: reachAbility Facilitators Ryan Gannon and Kilah Rolle

Participant Eligibility:
-Must be between the ages of 16 and 23
-Must not be enrolled in the public school system

Workshop Topics

● Finding a Story
○ What are you passionate about?
○ What experiences have affected you?
○ What do you have in common with your peers?

● Storytelling Techniques
○ Documentaries
○ News/Broadcast
○ Theatrical
○ Social Media
○ Styles of animation
○ What format works best for the story you’re trying to tell?

● Planning a Film
○ Script Writing
○ Storyboarding
○ Skillful collaboration
○ Budget restraints - What is possible with what we have?
○ Locations - Where are you shooting your film?
○ Talent & Directing - Who’s in your film, who's in charge?

● Camera Basics
○ DSLR/Mobile Devices
○ Three components to exposing an image
○ Framing the shot

● Audio Recording Basics
○ How to use portable audio recorders
○ Types of microphones & sound
○ Mic placement
○ Audio levels

● Lighting Basics
○ Natural lighting
○ Three-point lighting
○ Quick tips for everyday lighting

● Editing
○ Know what to keep and what to cut
○ Using B-roll
○ Finding the right soundtrack

● Distribution - Getting Your Film Out There
○ Film festival submissions - BAAFF, local, national & international
○ Online Distribution - YouTube, Vimeo
○ What’s the best route for young emerging filmmakers?
○ What’s available for independent filmmakers like me?

● Local Resources, Communities & Connections
○ Filmmaking = Collaborating
○ Local film focused organizations
○ Mixing filmmaking and other arts
○ Funding & Support

This FTF Workshop is made possible with the generous support of our funding partners.

If you meet the participant criteria listed above, please reserve your spot by signing up here:

Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once spots are filled for the July workshop, applicants will have the option of being placed on the waiting list for our next free workshop.