SYCLE is a two-week workshop that’s committed to helping clients reach their full potential. We’ll show participants how to manage conflict and practice effective communication skills. Clients will improve employment skills.

Some topics include:

  • Conflict Management

  • Positive Attitude

  • Effective and Assertive Communication

  • Social Skills

  • Understanding the Triggers of Stress

  • Eliminating Stress

  • Balanced Lifestyle

This workshop’s held in a small, inviting and comfortable environment, with the presence of our loyal therapy companions: Gucci and Churchill the French Bulldogs, Henry the Bearded Dragon, and Reachie the Beta.

For more information about SYCLE, please contact or call us at 902.429.5878. Specific accommodation(s) available upon request.


what participants are saying about sycle:

“I learned how to initiate difficult discussions in a non-confrontational manner, using the ‘I’ statements and other positive assertive methods. The group discussion gave me more ideas on dealing assertively with certain situations.”

“SYCLE opened my eyes to the dangers of not properly possessing my anger and stressors. I now have a better understanding of my ‘trigger’ and my responses to those triggers.”

“I loved SYCLE and believe that everyone could benefit from this program regardless if they believe they need it or not!” I found learning how to express my needs was very useful so that I don’t feel guilty for doing the things I need to. I learned how to deal with conflict and communicate with others successfully.”