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Ability Matters At Work October 2019

Make your business fully accessible and compliant with Canada’s New Accessibility Act: it’s the law.

Canada’s first federal accessibility legislation became law on June 21st, 2019.  

The Accessible Canada Act applies organizations under federal jurisdiction, which includes the banking, transportation and telecommunications sectors, as well as the Government of Canada, Crown corporations and Parliament. 

Under the Act, these organizations will be required to develop and publish Accessibility Plans that describe how they will identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility. 

They will also be required to establish a mechanism for receiving and addressing feedback on accessibility from anyone who interacts with their organization. 

Finally, they will have to develop regular progress reports on the implementation of their plan and addressing any feedback they receive.

reachAbility has teamed up with WorkTango, a Canadian leader in online engagement surveys to help employers address all three requirements of the new act.

reachAbility brings 20 years of grassroots experience working with the disability community  to the table, ensuring your feedback process and strategies to addressing barriers are effective.  

WorkTango brings leadership in engagement surveys and accessible survey design to ensure you can gather actionable insights in real time, informing the development of your initial Accessibility Plan with solid data. They also bring pulse survey technology to your project to ensure you can check-in with your team on their progress.

Contact Tova@reachAbility.org for an overview of our solution.