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Ability Matters at Work October 2019

Learn to leverage difference to improve employee engagement, reduce common legal risks and foster innovation through accessibility and inclusion at the Inclusive Manager Workshop.

Forward thinking organizations recognize the need for inclusive business strategies and cultures in order to succeed in today’s market. As a not-for-profit organization that provides services to employers and to clients living with disabilities, reachAbility brings a unique lens to your management training needs and growth goals.

Our management training program is informed by:

  • Expertise in the requirements of provincial and national Accessibility Acts

  • Daily dialogue with the disability community 

  • Legal clinics which help us understand the most common legal issues that managers can avoid with their actions and behaviours

  • Outreach to thousands of employers through our training programs and via our Opening Doors for Everyone workshops (which make us experts in understanding the current challenges managers face in supporting accessibility and inclusion at work) and

  • Our expertise and recognition as a leading training provider in the accessibility and inclusion space (training service provider: Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Zatzman’s Sportsplex, Elections Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Human Rights). 

After attending this 6-hour session your managers will be able to:

  • Describe the current legislative and local facts that are making it essential for you to advance your knowledge, skills and abilities in accessibility, diversity and inclusion

  • Explain the definitions of accessibility, diversity and inclusion 

  • Understand the most common accessibility, diversity and inclusion myths

  • Understand the impact of accessibility and inclusion on your bottom-line results

  • Successfully hire diverse employees

  • Negotiate and facilitate differences, reduce and manage conflicts, tensions, or misunderstandings

  • Manage and coach diverse teams

  • Feel great about the fact that you are supporting a local not-for-profit (Sustainability Plan)

Contact us to discuss your challenges so we can customize the best program for your company.

Tova Sherman

CEO reachAbility Association

President, Inclusion in Action Consulting and Training