The Transition 101 program is designed to capitalize on the need to further assist individuals move positively forward in their lives, and to help them navigate their appropriate next steps towards sustainable employment, education, volunteering, or positive civic engagement.

This program aims to bridge the gap between the skills and knowledge developed from the individual’s participation in reachAbility’s self-awareness programs, and the distinct goals they seek to achieve for themselves.

Transition 101 provides the essential tools and guidance through establishing specific and relevant action-plans. In this process, Transition 101 provides a blueprint for success specific for each participant by clarifying personal goals, by articulating the steps that are required, by identifying and managing the barriers that might exist, by instilling motivation and commitment, and by setting these pieces in motion.

While the small group environment provides a backdrop of solidarity and support, Transition 101 also facilitates empowerment learning and creativity .

Upon completion of the program, it is trusted that each participant will have established their individual action-plan and they will be en-route to a successful journey ahead; and this is exciting.

For more information about Transition 101, please contact or call us at (902) 429-5878. Specific accommodation(s) available upon request.


what participants are saying about transition 101:

This is a place for people to learn and not be judged and to be as you are, wherever you are.
The part of the program that I enjoyed the most, and got the most out of, was the open class discussions. The sharing of ideas and life stories was positive and helpful.

The Transition 101 workshop was very helpful. It helped me discover an inner part of myself [and] what to work on in-depth to recover [my] roots and make them shine in a more positive light. [T101] helped me find what was holding me back...and put things in a more positive light.