Employer-focused services

reachAbility delivers three key workplace services designed to build stronger, more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

hear what participants have to say!

"Really enjoyed - Lots of hands on, which I think is important, it keeps individuals engaged."

"Best workshop I have ever attended! :)"

"This was an excellent and very informative session. Thank you for expanding my knowledge!"

"Outstanding session, really enjoyed all of the experiences and topics covered!"

"Training was fabulous - the panel was spectacular. What a great way to help manage or clarify misconceptions."

"Always a pleasure seeing Tova present, she is always so very engaging."


Diversity Awareness Training (DAT)

Our award-winning DAT program gives you, as an employer, opportunities to gain recognition, build a foundation of respect, and expand your employment pool. 

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Employment matchmaking

Employment Matchmaking is a great opportunity for you as an employer to engage with communities, represent your core values and gain recognition for your commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

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Opening Doors for Everyone

Opening Doors for Everyone is a program dedicated to providing businesses in Nova Scotia the essential tools and resources to become fully accessible and compliant with the NS Accessibility Act.

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